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Biz Approach

BIZ APPROACH | Combine Creativity and Results

Strategic thinking and breakthrough creativity are important.
But one without the other is not enough. They must be combined and appropriately balanced for businesses and solutions to succeed.
Our success is based on our unique ability to weave rigorous analysis with creative solutions into plans our clients will immediately execute to produce the desired results, such as:

  • reinvention of existing businesses
  • development of breakthrough new products
  • strategic assessesment merger & acquisition candidates
  • stimulation of business creativity and innovative thinking

We achieve this through a unique innovation management process derived from 2-years study developed within the World Institute for the Digital Economy in conjunction with leading US universities and research centres, called Web Portfolio. It has been validated with clients ranging from Fortune-50 corporations to medium size businesses and small start-ups. It has been applied with equal success in the automotive, banking, apparel, telecommunications, financial services and health & beauty industries. Our customised business approach to clients has three separate but interconnected stages, each comprising various services and tools.

  • Audit - the analytical stage
  • Invention - the creative stage
  • Planning - the plan development stage