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Since 1997 Mills & Mills Consulting has developed and maintained an affiliation with distinguished academics at leading business schools. This network of relationships, now channeled into The World Institute for the Digital Economy (WIDE) which we call our Affiliate Center, is both a symbol of our commitment and a valuable resource in providing clients with the newest and best thinking in innovation and business.

Our academic ties enable Mills & Mills Consulting to discover intellectual advances and best practices sooner, and to implement them faster. As a result, we consistently give our clients access to new and powerful ideas. Furthermore, during an engagement, Mills & Mills Consulting and its clients may consult with academic authorities, such as the WIDE individual founding members. Our clients, therefore, have access not only to next-generation thinking, but also to the guidance of the researchers who developed it.

Many ideas that will shape best practices a decade from now are being developed today at the top business schools. Mills & Mills Consulting is committed to honing this leading-edge academic research into operating tools and methods suitable for determined competitors - and to enlisting the best intellectual capital wherever it can be found.