Market leaders identify Innovation & Knowledge Management as a strategic driver for sustainable value creation. Most organizations, still constrained by the conventions and behaviors typical of the industrial economy, are struggling to fully understand how to steadily create new intellectual capital and stimulate productive social interactions among knowledge workers. We equip them with transformative capabilities for managing organisational complexity and produce economic value through knowledge-driven productivity improvements.

Mills & Mills Consulting co-founded the World Institute for the Digital Economy to foster organizational learning and enable strategic change. The Institute, an international think tank of world-class academics and business thought leaders, investigates the impacts of the Web on organizational structures both in private and public sector, by promoting multi-client action research and learning initiatives.


We enable experts and practicioners to convert knowledge into Smart Instructions™ and
reusable know-how.

We support start-ups and incumbents to develop innovative applications and create new revenue generating services.

We advise local and central governments on how to manage their knowledge and improve citizen trust and satisfaction.

We assist banks and insurance companies to reduce risks and increase customer retention & loyalty

We help executives
to realise change & innovation initiatives and transform their organisations.

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